Strange Question About Recent Install

Ok, here is the deal. I have been using MEPIS for awhile now and wanted to switch back to SUSE because I like it a lot better. So I downloaded the openSUSE 11.0 Live CD and installed. The Install went quick and it all seems to work. But, the strange part to me is that there is still MEPIS somehow left over. My browser have the same links and MEPIS defalt links. My desktop has the same MEPIS User Guide Icons and such, but everything else says SUSE. Whats going on with my install. Did I screw up somewhere?

That’s the expected behavior when you preserve ‘/home’
and login to the same account name. If you create a
new/different user-acct and login to that, all new
context info will get created.

Long as I don’t have to worry about anything. But I did needlessly back up everything. I just wanted to make sure this is not a issue or a future issue. Thanks!