Strange problem

OpenSUSE 11.3 x64 KDE

I dont know what happened it is a new install thats been running for 2 weeks . Now for some reason I can not access the internet or the router. Samba is working with Dolphin I can browse shares on local network both Windblows and Linux and ping local IP’s. But I can NOT ping my router (the default gateway IP) with this box or access it with firefox so no internet. A VirtualBox of XP Pro running on this box has no problems with its bridged adapter getting out and seeing the router.

I disabled the firewall, added gateway IP to network settings, disabled ipv 6 from the get go, added service provider dns’s to nameservers tried opendns servers also.

Any thoughts Im stumped at the moment.

Have you ever turned off the router and allowed it to reinitialise itself?

Yes and I have reset all network settings and started over like 3 times this box has 2 nics onboard and its the same for both nics.
I can browse the local lan and can ping other boxes on the local lan but I can Not ping or access the router so no internet just on this box.
The other computers on the local lan along with a VirtualBox VM of XP Pro that is running on this box can ping and access the router and get out on internet.
I have the firewall disabled and set not to start and I have rebooted alot.
I am pretty good with networks and networking I get how it all works.
Is there anything else besides the firewall or screwed up addressing that acts like a firewall blocking gateway and internet but not local lan?

A couple of remarks:

It cannot be the nameservers, since they work on the same machine within VBox.
It cannot be the gateway, same reason
It cannot be the NICs, since they work
It cannot be the IP, since that’s used by the working VBox…

Which leaves us to almost nothing but KDE itself. Go Systemsettings and take a careful look at the Proxy Settings, in your case “Direct connection” should be checked. Could it be the problem is in there?

Did you try logging in on LXDE for example ?