Strange problem with backgrund

Look at this picture Index of /jerko.hren/problem/ and u will see that every second line have a background that is to dark. That happening in most of programs. I have KDE 4.2, XOrg , suse 11.1

It looks like a theme setting to me some thing like odd line menu perhaps but it certainly looks like a theme setting. I thought KDE gave you a graphical representation(Sorry not used KDE for a while) in tweaking the theme.

Shame You openSUSE! Nobody posted a solution for this problem… but it still exist on my OS. >:(

Shame on who? What type of troubleshooting have you done to correct the problem? Change your plasma theme? Go into Configure Desktop and look at the colors and experiment with changing anything that says background and is black?

As Dr. Evil would say “Throw me a friggin bone here!”

I have tried everything i could remember, even trough IRC i spoke to people and we were trying together to solve it but nothing helped. I have tried different settings for desktop, as background, XOrg settings and others. Nothing helped… In fact there is one option to set up background for this lines, but it is set on white…


This really looks like just a theme setting. Try going into Configure Desktop (Personal Settings) then under Look & Feel choose Appearance. Click the Colors category then under Scheme choose Default. Then click Apply. See if that helps.

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A quick check would be to just switch to a different theme. Remember to save your customized theme first, before switching!

add a new user, and see if it happens there also…if NOT then it is
something in your home, look for the problem in ~/.kde4 (compared to
the new user) and fix it


Solved. I have added new user and there was no that problem, and at root too. Then i just copy home/new_user/.kde/share/config/. to my kde config folder and everything is ok now.

Jerac wrote:
> Solved.

am happy you solved it…