strange pop up on login

When a box starts its attempting to connect to But I don’t know why. I shutdown.

I don’t know what app is trying to connect but when I open it with a browser there was nothing on it? Any ideas?

I tried to shutdown all apps and logged out but its still doing it?


welcome new poster!!

when you say “its attempting to connect to”, where are you seeing this
connect attempt? is it in a pop-up, or error message? can you take a
picture of it?

  1. What operating system? Version? Desktop environment & version?

  2. The problem/symptom you describe: did it begin immediately after
    initial install, or did it come suddenly, some time later?


Hm, with 49 posts I doubt he is a new poster.

But I agree with DenverD that you provide almost no information. Starting with the term “a box” which to me allready gives a forest of ??? before my eyes.

On 06/15/2011 01:06 PM, hcvv wrote:
> Hm, with 49 posts I doubt he is a new poster.

heh! you are, of course, correct…since i have to go out of my way to
learn that s/he has been here since 2008, i just guessed and assumed
(wrongly) based on the question and amount of info volunteered…

well, i can’t begin to think about an answer without more info.


Are you sure you have the url right? Doing a little googling makes me think that is a more plausible url.