Strange Packman Repo Effects...


I run SUSEE 10.3 KDE and I recently had some problems with the pakcman repository, somehow it was corrupted and every time I used it it would rebuild or something like that… so I decided to remove and reinstall the repository, but now all the packages that are available for update (within the packman repo) refuse to update. They complain that the repository has changed, but when I install from zypper it gives me an error message that states the repository has changed but the URL of before and after are the same. I say install with the new repository and the packages update successfully. This is somewhat annoying though…

Is there any way to make zypper and the automatic updater realize it is the same repository as before, and install via the automatic updater.

I’m at a loss… I have no idea why this is happening.


any help would be appreciated, John

from a terminal go su
then type

zypper refresh


zypper rpm --rebuilddb

see if that helps