Strange issue when entering WPA2 password

I recently installed opensuse with the gnome desktop manager.
Now I’m trying to connect to my hidden wireless network at home with WPA2 security.

I’m having the strangest issue.
The gnome network manager doe see my network (with hidden SSID), which is a major improvement compared to the KDE network manager :wink:

However, when I try to enter my wpa2 key, it doesn’t accept my key.
I’m using a 63 character key which gives no problems in Windows Vista.
However, when I copy-paste the same key in the Gnome network manager, the ok-button is greyed out.

Then I try to delete characters from the key, starting at the end. When I deleted about 10 characters, suddenly the ok-key is enabled and the network applet can accept the key.

Does the gnome network manager not support WPA2 key’s with maximum length of 63 characters?

I should also mention that the key exist of characters in lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters like $, µ, %, … Is this an issue to enter the password phrase?

Thanks a lot for the help!!