Strange issue or annoyance when using "Simple-Scan" scanning application!

Hi guys, I don’t know if it’s more of an annoyance than an issue, ok the problem is as follows, I use simplescan to scan documents and pictures, if you have ever used simple scan, you know that after you scan a picture or document if you double click in the simplescan screen that shows you a preview of scanned document you know that it is supposed to open with an image viewer program like gwenview, gpicview, eye of mate, shotwell or whatever image viewer program you have set up to open or preview the scanned document, by the way, the scanned documents preview format is “.tiff”, the problem is that it always opens them with GIMP (i don’t want to use gimp to preview documents), if I remove GIMP it then opens up with shotwell, I have setup in “file associations” the “.tiff” image files to open with gwenview and okular and it doesn’t work.

So, to summarize:

Simplescan preview files are shown in “.Tiff” file format

  1. if i double click to open a preview of scanned document it always opens up with Gimp (i don’t want to use gimp to preview documents)
  2. if i remove Gimp, then it opens up with shotwell
  3. if i go to file associations and setup the “.Tiff” files to open up with another application like okular or gwenview, it still wants to open the document preview with shotwell or gimp
  4. i don’t mind simplescan showing up the previews with shotwell but for that, i have to uninstall gimp and i don’t want to remove it because my nephew like to edit pictures and drawings using gimp

so, what to do?

My conclusion: Simple-Scan does not use KDE’s file associations (it most probably isn’t a KDE application). Thus it is either configurable in Simple-Scan (and you have to find how somewhere in it’s docs), or you have to change the source ((where it apparently finds out by itself what is available and uses that in a sequence defined in itself).

Further to Henk’s advice you might also need to examine a number of MIME config files, which simple-scan may (or may not) be using to determine likely applications

Once key suspect might be /usr/share/applications/defaults.list where I notice that I have the following entry


Tried changing “image/tiff=gimp.desktop” to “image/tiff=okular.desktop” and “image/tiff=gwenview.desktop” to no avail, it still do same behavior as before!:frowning:

Then as Henk already suggested, you might need to examine the source or contact the developer perhaps. It is maintained by Robert Ancell from Canonical AFAIU.

More info here: