Strange install problem

I am having somewhat of a problem with the openSUSE 11.1 install DVD. After a period of several minutes, and it does not matter what screen I am on, the openSUSE installation appears to have stopped, meaning progress bars will stop at any given percentage. When I move my mouse, the installation continues, and I notice the DVD start spinning back up. This process continues unless I move my mouse every 5-10 minutes I am estimating. I am on a Sager NP2092 laptop, which is built from a Compal JFL92. It is using the Intel P965M Express chipset. The video card is an nVidia 8600M GT. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Since install should only take about 15-20 mins, I estimate you may have to move your wrist 3 times.:slight_smile:

Once you have it installed there should be no issue.

Yeah, it eventually installs. I was just worried that I wasn’t doing something right, or that there was something wrong with my laptop. I am actually relieved to hear that someone else has heard of this happening, and that it doesn’t affect the installation. Thanks for the quick reply!

Just curious when you were installing did you see a next button on the screen when you did those clicks? If you did then all was fine.
In my case during install I was able to just click the mouse & go too.
Last,but not least welcome to the forum!:slight_smile:

Yes, the Next buttons did show properly. It looks as if the laptop goes into some sort of suspend, and when I move the mouse, it continues normally. Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: