Strange (high) HDD activity


During the last day I am noticing some strange HDD activity. Every 3-5 seconds I hear the HDD work for 3-4 sec (and its LED on the box is lit). Then the whole thing is repeated again and again.

I watch ‘top’ and I notice 4-7 ‘systemd-coredump’ processes are constantly active (each with 11-13% CPU and about 95mb memory). Also some other process called ‘tracker-extract’ comes to the top of everything every now and then.

This happens even if I simply login to Plasma without starting any programs whatsoever. FWIW ‘akonadictl status’ shows that it is stopped.

I wonder what is going on, is there anything that may need fixing or should I wait for this to go by itself.

Any ideas?

tracker is GNOME’s file indexer, and it’s obviously indexing your home partition/files.
And it also seems to be crashing while doing so, which is a more general problem currently it seems (there are a few threads here and bug reports about tracker crashing all the time and causing systemd-coredump to slowing down the system as it creates the coredumps)

If you don’t use GNOME or certain GNOME applications like gnome-music (that doesn’t work without tracker), I’d strongly recommend to just uninstall it.

Thanks for the quick reply wolfi.

I use GNOME evolution. Today I also installed totem.
Would uninstalling that tracker be a problem for them?

tracker uninstalled

Silence is back! Problem solved.

Thanks wolfi! :slight_smile:

Not really…

But gnome-music gets its music collection from tracker, so only “works” if your music files are indexed by tracker. (and I think gnome-documents works similar, i.e. needs tracker/indexing for its functionality as well…)

Thanks for the additional explanation.
This is strange. I wonder how this packet ever got installed.

The only GNOME applications which I installed just recently are Evolution and totem. And the problem started just today (although there weren’t any particular updates recently regarding those packets).

Well, one of them (or even both) obviously pull in tracker directly or indirectly as recommended package.

PS: Actually tracker is pulled in by brasero, which is recommended by totem-plugins… :wink:

Uninstalled that too :slight_smile:

Unless you lock it it may be reinstalled on next update.

Thanks. tracker and brasero locked

Yeah. Even though I do not use Plasma right now (Xfce), I have done the same, prefer k3b for burning.