Strange cpu/ram monitor widget on desktop

Very strange issue, really… Using 11.1 on x86_64, kde 4.1.3.

Today I rebooted and after restarting, this cpu monitor thingy appeared on the screen, during the splash screen actually. It’s not going away now and stays on top of all windows. Can’t right-click, drag it, etc. Can’t seem to find this process in the ctrl+esc list either.

Here are 2 snapshots, the “widget” is on the top right :

on top of Opera

on desktop

Anyone has a clue as to what this thing is and how to get rid of it?

I noticed you had Opera runing each time, you sure it isnt an Opera widget?

Haha, yes, as I’ve mentionned, the application starts during the splash screen after login.

Bump. Bump.