Strange Chrome behavior after removing fglrx

I installed the recently released version of fglrx from the repository in 64-bit OpenSUSE 13.2 KDE. The installation failed, OpenGL was disabled and chrome://gpu showed that nothing is hardware accelerated as I remember.
After removing it, I reinstalled it, installed missing Dracut package (I got error from installation, see, removed it then reinstalled it. This made me only get to the terminal, after booting.
After removing it, I could see the GUI everytime I boot, but chrome://gpu shows that Flash, threaded rasterization, video encode and WebGL are hardware accelerated and I was able to install Arcane Legends (A NaCL game), which I couldn’t install before, because I don’t have hardware acceleration. I’m not 100% sure. Everything was software only, before trying to install fglrx.

I installed it again then I only saw console. After deleting it, chrome:// gpu shows that nothing is hardware accelerated, which makes me think something isn’t accurate about the first post.