Strange buffering behaviour under Gnome with Octave and Gnuplot

I’m trying to debug an issue using Octave 3.6.4 and gnuplot under Gnome in Opensuse 12.3 64 bit.
In an .m script where a plot() command is followed by a pause() command, the first call to the .m in an Octave instance works fine with the plot window filled in with data points and then the pause stops the script.
But the second and subsequent calls to the .m in the same Octave session produce the figure window but it it incorrectly rendered, with no data points plotted and the data from other windows showing through the figure window area. Once the pause is cancelled with a return hit then the plot points appear.
I have registered this in the Octave bugs list, but I’m still curious whether this might be a bug in the buffering system of Opensuse.
I’m not sure what I can tweak in my system or gnome to try the effect of no graphics acceleration, for example.