Strange boot behaviour

I just installed 11.2 on an old Compaq Presario running 10.3

The boot menu shows
suse 11.2
suse 10.3

I select 11.2 (the default) and hit return. I get a black
and white screen and a prompt “boot:”
I hit return and get the same boot menu. Hit return and now it
works ok. Strange. Once booted everything is fine.

I’ve noticed that on the bottom of the the first boot menu
it says that the boot device is CD. Of course it should be
hard disk. How do I change that?


Sounds like you have an extra bootloader somewhere or other…

Load SUSE, and give us the output of

fdisk -l
cat /boot/grub/menu.lst
find /boot/grub/stage1

Is it just the two operating systems you have installed?

Thanks, your comment was in the right direction.
I had left the installation DVD in the machine
(I’m getting old …)

I had a good few hours of preparing to reinstall my system from scratch on an untraceable ‘Non system disk or disk error’ message at boot before I realised that it was being caused by the non-system disk that I had personally put in the floppy drive the night before.

Such is life… lol!


I find this so much in programming, when I am spending hours debugging, before I realize the stupid mistake I made.

The worst recent one I had was when I was changing a variable in Emacs and compiling and running the program each time I changed it, the change was having no effect, so I proceeded to read through all of my code looking for what I did wrong, changing lots of small details.

It must have been at least an hour before I realized I was editing the new version of the file, and running an old version

Then I had to undo the changes I made, fortunately I didn’t close Emacs so I could just use ‘C-_’, which has become one of my favourite coding tools.