Strange Bluetooth issue

I open it here, although I am not sure if it’s the correct category, so I kindly request the mods to move it to the appropriate one.

Now, the situation is this: When I reboot the PC, Bluetooth starts without issue. My mouse is connected and works as expected. My Headphones are connected, but, I cannot redirect audio to them. The headphones are not in the list of audio devices.

Restarting the bluetooth.service fixes the issue until the next reboot.

Any ideas?

Just a thought without knowing much about Bluetooth.

What about asking the status of the service before restarting it? Then you may see some thing. After a successful restarting, you won’t see any error I presume.

I did. Logs are not helpful.
I don’t see anything that indicates an error. Actually the logs journalctl -u bluetooth.service -b -1 are identical (apart from the timestamps obviously).

Hmm, there is a small possibility that this is a hardware-related issue. I found a post in Reddit from a user that had exactly the same issue with my motherboard, an Asrock B550 Steel Legend.

Let’s see.