Strange behaviour on XFCE, no auto connection, ask for root password

While using XFCE system asks for keyring password while network settings are only for one user and if I set connection as available for all users than system asks for root password, then for password for keyring (sic!). In both cases system do not connect with network automatically (it is checked in settings but still I need to manually press the name of network).

Side question: Is there a way for XFCE and/or KDE for smarter managing of keyring? I mean can it be protected by the same password as user and do not ask for that password again after logging?

  1. Is this a new install, an upgrade, or a machine that has been used for awhile?

  2. Using Wicked or NM for network management?

  3. Connecting wirelessly or wired to your network?

  4. Does nor network require authentication for connecting to the Internet (This would primarily be for corporate networks, not SHOH)?

  5. Are you logging in locally to your machine or is your machine set up using network authentication like LDAP, AD, SAMBA, etc?


It’s installation used for about a week. Normal WPA2 home network, I don’t use nothing special. I am loggining in locally.
I use NetworkManager.

Did you originally setup your WiFi connection with XFCE or with KDE. I ask, because it is usually KDE users who have the problems you are describing.

In any case, while running XFCE, right click on the NetworkManager icon and select “Edit Connections”
Click (or double click) on the WiFi network to edit that connection. This might require the root password, depending on how the network is configured.

Click the WiFi security tab. Look at the box for the password. There should be an icon near the right of that box. Click on that, and it should give you a choice of where to store the password:

  1. Store the password only for this user;
  2. Store the password for all users;
  3. Ask for the password every time.

Select the second of those choices. Save the changes.

Thereafter, you should not need to do anything for the WiFi connection to be started after login.

Note that the password is then stored by NetworkManager, in a file readable only by root.

I tried what you say, I tried forgotting network. Connecting again, no change. I removed xfce, because it seems not so much faster than KDE plasma but way, way more outdated.