Strange behaviour of wifi scanners

I recently got a new router (Archer C20). Since the change of router, iwscanner does not work correctly - it just dies randomly after a few minutes of scanning. Starting it from a terminal does not produce any useful messages. Starting from a new user account gives the same behaviour.

On the other hand linssid will scan forever with no problems.

So looks like the new router produces occasional random events that kill iwscanner. Any ideas?


Got a new laptop, and the puzzle continues. Now, when iwscanner runs, it never crashes.
However, it doesn’t always run; the program will sometimes start up, but no action
occurs after clicking the start button; sometimes it runs normally. I haven’t yet figured
out the conditions for run/norun. Seems random.

I spite of all this, linssid continues to work reliably all the time. Surprising, since I thought
both of these programs were just front ends to wireless-tools.


You’re discovering that wireless standards are continuously changing.
If the project for your application is well maintained and publishes updates often, then openSUSE should pick up the changes and you you should get those changes simply by updating your system.

On the other hand, some applications don’t change much if at all.
So, this is why for example why sometimes when I do wireless pentesting I will use iw for its simplicity and speed scanning, but it’s totally unsuitable for WPA authentication… So, I have to use some other tool. Typically I have no problem using the standard WPA tool used by all Linux distros for ordinary use, wpa_supplicant. But, you may want to use a different tool if you want something more targeted for only scanning and not actually connecting.