Strange behaviour of system.. Resolution problem. Plasma widget resized, moved, screen widget broken

Again I have very odd problem with system. I wanted to move my computer from left side of desk to the right side. Disconnected cables, connected them again. Connected second screen but power cable is unplugged and it’s turned off. I turn on system and what I see- login page in 1024x768 (in grub and loading logo it was 1920x1080) but ok. I put my password and ok, I have 1920x1080 again but- my widgets are moved and resized (like they were set on 1024x768 screen) and screen widget became 2x wider…
edit before posting ( ;p ): I see problem, system found that other (unplugged from power!) monitor and set it as active (is there option that it’ll work smart and that screen will be disabled when monitor is turned off and enabled when it’s turned on?). Is there chance that resolution of one screen with not break things on the other screen? Why I see only option of 1024x768 if second monitor is capable of 1440x900?

edit2: Why lot of Windows is opened automatically on my second screen (it’s not main screen and i do not want ANY window to open automatically on that screen).

WTF is there literally ANYTHING I can do to my computer with Linux which will not break something?!

System started to act insane. Resetting widget to new plac means noting. When I make app full screen on my main screen it dissapears from my main screen and appears full screen on second screen (WTF?!).
I checked to compare with Windows- it can’t see if second screen is on or off but automatically leaves my main screen unchanged (NOTHIGN MOVES, NOTHING GETS MOVED TO SECOND SCREEN) and every Windows I open on main screen, resize, make fullscreen stays there. Why the heck it can’t be like that on Linux? Dual screen is too much?

With your second monitor attached, report back with output from


Also, please provide the pertinent graphics hardware details so that others can advise further

inxi -Gxx

I am not home now, but let’s say that problem with windows being opened by default on screen is not default is bigger problem. Resolution probably can be fixed but that thing with window opening on not main screen makes system unusable for me.