Strange behaviour of Dolphin

I find a strange behaviour in dolphin file manager which is the same in Leap as in Tumbleweed. I prefer dolphin with the panel on the left where at the top it shows where I am in the file tree. At the bottom of the panel I want to see e.g. Home, Root, but also an attached USB stick. This is possible when you select “Show hidden places”. However when this is selected it shows a lot of other things, e.g. the section “recent” and the section “search for”. I find this unnecessary and when right clicking on these section you can tick “Hide section “Recent”” and “Hide section “Search For””. I ticked both of these but these sections are still visible (see In both images you can see that “Hide section “Recent”” and “Hide section “Search For”” is ticked but is is still displayed. Can these sections be turned off?

“Show hidden places” over-rides any individual section settings that are set.

Right click on the sections you want to hide, and select hide.

Ensure that section “Removable Devices” is not set to hidden.

Disable the global “Show hidden places” and you should get what you want.

Edit: Grr… forgot to insert a USB before I took the screen-shot, new screen-shot

Thank you, tannington, I tried around for quite a while and didn’t figure it out but you were spot on. May be I am getting too old…