strange behavior with pc

I can only suspect that these problems started last night. I did receive one update last night, but I do not know if that started the problem. I can’t rule anything out though.
Last nights strange behavior was, it would take 2or3 minutes to open any folder. This continued on until I had to force a reboot, it did not want to boot peacefully. As far as I knew it was behaving as it should for the rest of the night. This morning is a different story though. I cannot boot to any of my cd/dvd’s. I can see and use cd/dvd’s while I am at my desktop, but they are being overlooked when booting.
I do know how to use bios or F12 boot menu, but they are not helping me one bit.
Does this sound familiar to anyone. I want to rule anything and everything out but the cause.

Some other folk are saying that a kernel update caused problems.

See if you can boot from the previous kernel (there should be a grub menu entry for it). And see if that solves your problem. That might help to diagnose.

That was the update. I have noticed that it is slowing down Firefox. If that is the case why is it affecting my boot. I can boot to Linux or Windows but no wheres in between.

A kernel update does cause the grub menu to be updated. Perhaps something went wrong.

If you are using grub1 (legacy grub), then the Yast boot loader configuration should allow you to fix the menu. If you are using “grub2”, it should have been updated/regenerated automatically by running

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Without knowing what is missing from the menu, it’s a bit hard to guess exactly what went wrong.

Maybe in a day or two there would be a fix for anything that went wrong. As long as my machine doesn’t fall apart I will tough it out.

Only if other have the problem and it is reported in bugzilla. If you are unique with the problem you may wait a long time

Boot to the older kernel for now would be my suggestion.

There seems to be 4 entries under advanced options. I have logged onto a couple, but they all remind me of some form of safe mode. Everything is gigantic.

To the best of my recollection, they should be:

1: boot the new kernel;
2: boot the new kernel in safe mode;
3: boot the previous kernel;
4: boot the previous kernel in safe mode.

We have not had a kernel update yet in 13.1, so it is hard for me to check. But try the third of those 4 options.

Thanks to all…