Strange behavior of opensuse kde when connecting a motorola smartphone

I have a Motorola smartphone.
I connected it to my KDE Plasma Desktop.
It connects and then it disconnects and stops charging via the computer.
Interestingly it does charge when the phone is turned off, but not when the phone is turned on in opensuse with the KDE desktop.
I have not messed around with any settings, they are all default.
The same smartphone, same everything in the phone does not cause such a problem when connecting to opensuse Gnome version, Leap 15.0.
Therefore I think it is a KDE specific bug.
I wonder if there is any setting I need to change about this or any workaround?

Android telephone? With KDE-Connect?

  • If Android then, you’ll need to install the KDE-Connect App …

AFAIK, GNOME doesn’t have anything equivalent to KDE-Connect.

  • KDE-Connect ain’t Bluetooth …

If KDE and Bluetooth then, usually KDE’s Bluetooth properties have to be changed from the default values …

Not with KDE-Connect
I know how to use KDE-Connect.
Just a normal connection.
You know like when a phone is connected to a computer and it charges from it. This phone does not charge in kde, except that when it is turned off. In gnome it does. opensuse with gnome of course.

I suspect that, you may be correct – the KDE folks may, possibly, view it as being a “feature” rather than a Bug …
Or, it might be a Qt “behaviour” …
[HR][/HR]Submitting a polite Change Request into the KDE Bugzilla may bring some more light on what’s happening in this case …