Strange behavior in KDE Plasma 5 -- Windows snapping below screen on second monitor.

I have a dual-monitor setup in Plasma 5, and when I drag a window over the border to my left (non-primary) monitor, its Y position snaps to +1080 and cannot be changed. All windows work perfectly on my right monitor, until the right side of the window gets to the leftmost 80 pixels or so of the monitor. I have not had great experiences with Plasma 5 on dual monitors in the past, so I mostly use i3 – zero stability issues there. But I’m interested in trying out KDE again – it’s certainly a lot prettier, and in the configs I’ve been able to duplicate most of the keyboard controls from i3 to my liking. However, this problem isn’t okay. Is this a common bug?
Thanks for reading, folks!

Same kind of problem?

Exact same issue, yes. Thank you, sir!

Welcome to the (growing!) club

Please add your pledge to the upstream bug, if you haven’t already.

Thank you