Strange behavior after Suspend to RAM/Disk

When my nc6000 wakes up form Sleep, all application windows are surrounded by thick white border-lines.
This does not disturb the functionality, but it is rather annoying. I have to reboot in order to get normal windows again.
Can someone help me fix this? I’m new in linux, and I’m using GNOME.

I understand that this is a very vague question. Therefore, I decided to support it by some images. That way you can have better idea about my problem.

Please notice the FireFox window decoration in this screen shot.

Please notice the strange border on the Latest Headlines menu.

Please notice the scrambled window decoration in this screen shot.

Please notice the strange glow around FireFox window decoration.

Normally all my windows borders are fine. This is only happening after wake-up from sleep (or hibernation). So far the only solution is to reboot. After reboot my windows are fine again.

Apparently something gets changed in the process of getting into/out of sleep. But what? Can it be fixed?

I have no clue what to do about it. Any help is appreciated.

Here are some more screen shots related to the wake-up from sleep issue.

Please notice the strange border on this menu.

Please notice the strange border on this menu and on top of the panel bar.

Please notice the strange border on this pop-up info.

don’t re-boot
try Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
see if that clears it up

are you running desktop effects?

Thank you for advice.

I just tried the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace.
Yes, the problem disappears.

And yes, I’m using desktop effects.

compiz 0.7.4-31.1

Compiz is almost certainly the problem. Live with it, or disable compiz, unless someone has a workaround?!

Just a thought.
Do you have a screensaver that runs at suspend. If so, choose blank screen. It may help.

I do not have a screensaver that runs in suspend. To be 100% sure I changed my screensaver to blank screen. The problem still exists.

So, I understand that it is a Compiz bug (not a linux or GNOME issue). In that case I still have one more option that is not explored. Actually, I did not consume all compiz upgrades. Maybe the problem will disappear when I upgrade compiz.

The problem gets partially solved after consuming all compiz related upgrades.

All borders of pop-up menu/info, panel bar and all application windows are normal again. There is only a small issue that remains. Immediately after wake-up from sleep/hibernation all windows (in all workspaces) that were open at that time have scrambled window decoration. As soon as the window is moved, the window decoration becomes normal again. After that everything stays normal.

Unfortunately, the problem returned again completely :(. I’m experiencing all issues explained before and I’m not able to understand the cause/dependency. No luck this time!

You are jumping to conclusions here. Test the hypothesis by disabling compiz and see if the problem disappears.

You are completely right. I should indeed do some testing.
The thing is, I’m afraid that once the Compiz is disabled, I’ll not be able to turn it back on.

You know I’m new to Linux. I have installed openSuSE already 25 times from scratch and usually because of problems with Compiz. Thus, I have learned not to mess with Compiz if I want to have a stable system.
After all that trial and error experience I have managed to set-up my system as I like. My system is now stable for months and I would like it to stay so. Therefore, I’ll just wait until a Compiz update is released that fixes the problem.