Strange battery behavior after complete discharge.

Hi everybody,
my computer is an ASUS P52F, i3, with installed opensuse 12.2 64 bit version.
I state that yesterday everything was fine, I had long battery life and a “normal” power management.
After an accidental complete discharge of the battery (I left the computer in sleep for a very long time), now this is the situation:

1- with AC plugged in, the battery doesn’t charge and I have the message of 0% level
2- disconnecting the battery, only with AC, the laptop works well
3- with the battery connected, if I quickly connect and disconnect the AC, the life indicator jumps to 100% charged
4- with 100% indicated, if I unplug the AC, after more or less 15 minutes of normal usage, the level goes down instantly to 0% and the system hibernates.

When I wake up the system after hibernation that occurs at point 4, I get the situation as point 1 again.

Can you help me please?

On 10/30/2012 06:06 PM, marasciallo wrote:
> Can you help me please?

to me it sounds like your battery is dead…that is to say it will not
accept nor hold a charge…

new batteries are available in lots of places for lots of things because
batteries just wear out–sometimes faster than other, sometime due to
the user not knowing how to condition the battery when new, or how to
treat it in use…

some are super sensitive to the number of charge-discharge cycles, and
some deathly sensitive to exhaustive power depletion from which they can
not be recovered…

there are millions of words on the net about laptop batteries…have a
look in google…or begin here (which i picked at random):


Thank you dd, I was surprised because there was no hint.
I’ll buy a new battery!