Strange adding a repo to Yast problem

Has something changed with Yast very recently?

I have been trying to add a repo to Yast today using Yast (software modules) and it does not appear to work? The input is accepted but the repo is not shown. I think the entry data might be getting added as some sort of ‘service’ rather than as a standard repo?

Has anyone else had issues?

Thanks and happy hlidays.

Why are you keeping most of the information as a secret?

Which one? How do you think that anyone can inspect this one to see what may be special with it?

And when we know what the repo is, we can then check that it is not there hen you post the repolist:

zypper lr -d

When you add a repo, it is normally not a “standard” repo, but just an added one.

Thanks very much for your replies.

Firstly sorry for not being more clear. It is indeed as per the bug request.

Well, it is clear now.

If I understand the bug report correctly, you can add the repo with zypper as by-pass. But better also check if you can remove the “service” first, to clean things up.

Thanks very much.

I had a play around and discovered that libzypp is the issue. That package was upgraded in the last snapshot.

The previous version is still in the main repo and can be installed & locked. This is a temp fix until the package is fixed.