Storj network dataserv-client

Storj is a decentralised cloud based network that uses the bitcoin blockchain for security and anonymity of the data it stores.

Anyway - not to confuse - they have a Dataserv-Client that runs on the local computer to talk to the network.

This is the procedure for install on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
$ sudo pip3 install dataserv-client
$ dataserv-client version

Has anyone seen an rpm based dataserv-client could be used on opensuse? The source package is available for installation - but would prefer to use zypper.

Just substitute the commands?

zypper in python3-pip
pip3 install dataserv-client

You probably want to grab the latest python3-pip from the devel:languages:python3 repository.

Then configure as required.

Or are you looking for an rpm that does all the setup etc?

Thanks … looking into this…previously googled dataserv-client and opensuse - did not get any hits on Duck-Duck.

You probably forgot to search using YaST > Software > Software management.

Here’s a link that you may want to keep handy. It’s the quickest way to find software for openSUSE without getting false hits from google or duckduck: