storeBackup md5 errors

I use storeBackup to do periodic backups. I use it with gzip compression (bzip2 is terrible slow).
I’ve just checked my last backup with storeBackupCheckBackup and it reports an md5 error on a lot of files (i guess ALL of them).
I’ve checked manually, opening some of the .gz files reported as corrupt and they are not corrupt, I can open them with no problem.
May be some kind of error of storebackup calculating md5?
Someone using storebackup?


bzip2 is indeed slow, take a look at lbzip ( ) or pbzip2.

They offer parallel compression support meaning the more cores you have… the more fun you’ll have :slight_smile: On my 12 core system lbzip compresses things around ten times faster than bzip2.

Which version of storeBackup do you use?
(You can get it by running --version
or maybe
storeBackup --version

This kind of error is not yet known.