store the output - instead of printing

hello dear Linux - experts

i am pretty new to per.l - and i want to do the first steps to store some values:
how to put the output of the request to the db

have perl :: DBI installed
also the mysql-db is up and running


  use Parse::CPAN::Authors;
      # must have downloaded
      my $p = Parse::CPAN::Authors->new("01mailrc.txt.gz");
      # either a filename as above or pass in the contents of the file
      my $p = Parse::CPAN::Authors->new($mailrc_contents);
      my $author = $p->author('LBROCARD');
      # $a is a Parse::CPAN::Authors::Author object
      # ... objects are returned by Parse::CPAN::Authors
      print $author->email, "
";   #
      print $author->name, "
";    # Leon Brocard
      print $author->pauseid, "
      # all the author objects
      my @authors = $p->authors;
  i want to store all the output in the mysql-db

regarding the db-things: well i am pretty new to perl-tasks.

but with the above mentioned module - i think i can learn alot - it is quite very simple. And with this i can play around - and try to find out how to store the data into a mysql db.

well could the results that i get be regarded as a perl object (reference to array of references) like the below:

my $a =  $a, $ab, $c ], $a, $b, $c] ] ;

and need to store it on the DB then retrieve it.

i look for a good mechanism to serialize it and then store it on the DB?

hmm - if i want to store:

use Storable 
use DBI; 
# ... connect to database 
# Store 
my $data =  $a, $b, $c ],  $a, $b, $c ] ]; 
my $bytestream = nfreeze $data; 
$dbh->do('insert into table (field) values(?)', undef, $bytestream);

by the way: What about Data::Dumper?