Storage Service and Google Drive

I’m new to openSUSE after 15+ years in u/kubuntu. I’m looking for a way to 2-way sync google drive to my device. I have tried a few packages that I had found via internet, but none seem to function as expected. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Here’s my solution:

insync -

Add the GPG key for the repository

sudo rpm --import

Add the repository in YaST

search for insync in YaST and install

A few notes:

The Fedora 20 repo seems to work best with my setup:

Leap 42.1
KDE Plasma 5.5.5

I also installed the dolphin integration from the repo.

insync has a one-time cost of $25 for the “plus” package. If you need more features or want to sync multiple accounts, they have other pricing options.

I went for the paid option, as opposed to spending more than $25 worth of my time trying to find a free option.