storage persistent naming

I am using a QLA2462 and have got FC storage attached through a brocade switch. As soon when I add more storage for this server on this switch my device naming shifts and this new storage comes in between e.g. as sdb, and the other 2 go to sdc and sdd. I looked around but I can’t find a good solution for SuSe 11.2. Has somebody got an good example of a udev rule for me?

It seems that you have to install:
/sbin/, but I can find these. Does somebody have an idea where to find these wrapper scripts?

Not needed to install imho. All those links are already there.
And they are normaly used by the openSUSE installation process. You will see that in /etc/fstab and also in GRUBs config in /boot/grub/menu.lst. They use /dev/disk/by-id/… and not /dev/sda.

You can do likewise. Either use /dev/disk/by-id identifiers or, when you have volume labels asigned to the file systems on the partitions use /dev/disk/by-label.

The same disk will then always be mounted on the same mountpoint regardless of the detection sequence.

Look in /dev/disk/by-… to see which one points to which /dev/sd… at the moment (this may help detecting who is who).