Storage drivers

Where in the install and how do you introduce RAID or SAS drivers?


What RAID adapter do you have?

The reason I’m asking you is vast majority of the modern adapters are supported by the kernel itself and do not need separate drivers as such.

All I know for certain is it will be an HP server. Probably whatever RAID is on the motherboard verses a RAID controller add in card.

There are 3 types of RAID. Software hardware and FAKE. FAKE is BIOS assisted and is normally the kind you find on MB and only assists in boot otherwise it is software. Hardware is real true hardware RAID and is transparent to the OS ie a RAID array looks like a single drive to the OS. So you really need to know which hardware it is. :wink:

You’re in luck because I use HP servers exclusive. Normally the older ones have P400 series (which is out of the box working on SUSE) or the newer G9 models tend to use the P4xxAR which also are out of the box functional on both openSUSE and SLES :slight_smile:

The only one I would never recommend anyone to use is the cheap B1xx series which is the integrated SATA RAID.

Note, the HP servers are finicky in the sense that you have to configure the RAID array first via the Smart Storage Administrator in UEFI or the drives won’t show up to the OS; at all - despite having drivers for them. They won’t even show up as a JBOD setup, they simply won’t be visible - so remember to configure the array first before trying to install any OS.