Stopping the Screen Saver and stopping the screen locking

In December I finally filled up my root partition and broke Suse 11.1. I therefore resized my partitions and installed Suse 11.3 on /root. I didn’t not touch my /home partition.

I notice that when I leave my machine and come back the screen has locked. I have tried to turn off the screensaver, but it hasn’t worked. I have Googled, but unfortunately the screen shots don’t look like what I have and the instructions to stop this do not seem to match what I am seeing on the screen.

Is there a way to do this via the command line?

I am happy to provide any information to sort this out.

Thank you.



What desktop environment are you using? (e.g. KDE or GNOME)

Sorry, should have said. I believe it is KDE 4. When I used Suse 11.1 it was KDE3.


You should be able to configure screensaver settings under Configure Desktop -> Desktop -> Screensaver

ah7013 wrote:
> You should be able to configure screensaver settings under Configure
> Desktop -> Desktop -> Screensaver

unfortunately there are more things going on that just a screen
saver…see this thread

read it all…

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to undo the problems caused by not.” DD 23 Jan 11

Right I went onto Kicker > system settings > Desktop > Screensaver. See here:
screenlock | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I went away and it was fine. I went away for a bit longer and I was just coming to ask if I could have the screen saver without it locking and the screen was locked. It was black, when I moved the mouse the little window was there asking me enter my user password.

So it was longer than 2 minutes, before it locked. What am I missing?


Well, what a palaver.

So here is what I did:
Kickoff > System settings > Desktop > Screen Saver, then under settings uncheck 'Require password to stop.
Kickoff > System settings, click on the Advanced tab > Power Management > General settings, uncheck ‘Lock screen on resume’
Then on the left hand side click on ‘Edit Profiles’ then Powersave. None of the drop down tabs have ‘lock screen’

Then click on Performance. None of the drop down tabs have ‘lock screen’.

I am not sure what all the settings should be here and I presume they would be different if you are using a laptop.

Thank you for your assistance.



This may be due to old kde3 settings. Create a new user and see the the problem is also seen for the new user. If not rename the ~./kde and ~/kde4 directory and res do your desktop settings.