Stop Syslog-ng all messages for Embeded System

I have loaded OpenSuse 10.3 in Text Mode. I have loaded the
system onto a Compact Flash. I want to turn off all system logging
while running. How can I disable all system log messages so they
are not written to the Compact Flash. Also I want to turn Swapping

I’ve done quite a bit of embedded development - you should really look into mounting all of the filesystems ro (read only) and using tmpfs for anything like /var, etc. Just remount rw when you need to make changes.

To stop syslog-ng, just remove it from running services in yast (disable) or remove the start links in the /etc/rc.* directories. However, I would highly recommend just using a tmpfs for /var (or just /var/log) so you’ll have logging between reboots.