Stop receiving summary emais

Today I received an email from “openSUSE Forums <>” with a summary or posts with the excuse that I have not visited for several days.

The mail seems legit, but I did not sign for these summaries and can’t see where I can switch them off, so I am a bit hesitant to click on the “unsubscribe” link ( followed by a very long string) because the address of the forum is not that one…
So the question is where I can opt out of these summary emails while logged into the forum?

Thank you.

PS: sorry I messed up the thread title… “emails”

So what makes you think this mail has anything to do with this forum?

This is decourse setting which you can change on the address you were given (same user/password as here). I wonder if discourse is being deployed as replacement for these forums?

Yes, the Heroes Team and Forum staff are working on this…

I’ve disabled the digest email feature, hopefully won’t get anymore…

Did you completely remove it? I cannot find it anymore in settings. I mean, making it default to “off” is OK, but feature itself is not as bad, just unexpected.

Yes, disabled globally for the moment, it’s purely a test instance at present.

Hi, thanks for your replies. The summary was indeed for this forum, but the address of the link was not, that raised my (perhaps unwarranted?) suspicion. I had no idea that there was a change of platform going on and I never used a discourse address to access this forum or any of its settings. The fact that I could not find a setting to opt out was even more puzzling.

Thank you @malcolmlewis for your reply which clarifies the situation!

I also received the digest email yesterday, so went looking… The juries out at the moment, initial thoughts, not too keen on the look and feel of discourse.

I see there is now a banner message at “” indicating it is in the testing phase.

Is there an estimated date for the migration to be complete and forum going live?

Yes, we need to adjust it a lot, the importing has been the issue but the Heroes team have most of that sorted now.

No ETA to live…

OK - Thanks :slight_smile: