Stop programs from loading at bootup

I’m having a real rough time looking around (I think I’ve spent almost 2 hours on this small problem) trying to find where stuff is run from after logging in.

I’m running 11.1, KDE 3.5. I have KDE Desktop sharing opening each login.

I’ve looked under home/.xinitrc (non existant). I’ve looked under home/.kde/Autostart (nothing there). I’ve even wen’t through everything in the run levels through yast.

I’m getting really frustrated because I cannot find any information on the web. Please tell me where else I can look. I’ve searched KDE help, forums here, google, but I can’t get a straight answer.


I know it’s a link for KDE 4.2 but it may help. it helped me.

kde 2.4.1 KDED problems - openSUSE Forums

^ Didn’t find anything helpful in there but thanks.

I solved the problem. I have no idea why this fixed it but I killed the krfb (sp?) process through a terminal. And it stopped coming back on reboots. Odd. I’m guessing it will come up every reboot if I run it again so I just won’t touch the darn thing now.


xinit.d is the script you need if i’m not mistaken(which is possible) and i believe the entry can be accessed from yast via the /etc/sysconfig editor. don’t know the process name or uid off the top of my head as i don’t tend to share my desktop but i hope this helps so that you can make use of the feature again^_^