Still wishing for a "security" forum... gpg setup

So gpg setup went along pretty well, the applet encapsulates most knowledge necessary, but I had to do a couple of internet searches. It looks like cyberwar is going to be a major player in the global economy for the foreseeable future. The latest “secret trick” is fraudluent IRS tax returns filed against you. It’s possible that gpg could help with public key signatures.

We really do need a security forum on the OpenSuSE forums. Security is too complex. Is the media even reporting these things?

I remember 2002 when I was presenting about aes256 in front of a foreign dd. I tried to take up the 24-hours clock as a example and (if they where there) about “falsh adding”. AM? PM? And coding.

Why is the forum using the clock -7 GMT `It is a UK company now on days.

I look after my DE’s and there I see and make a decision if I should update/restart my servers.

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I suspect that “opensuse” is too narrow to warrant a security forum. Maybe a linux-wide forum. If you start one, let us know and I’ll join.

“gpg” and IRS tax returns – unlikely to help. I would like to see more use of digital signatures, but the IRS is unlikely to adopt such a practice. Most people find it confusing, and the IRS has to deal with “most people”.

(And a note: “IRS” is “Internal Revenue Service” which does federal tax collection in the USA).

On Sat 07 Feb 2015 05:26:03 PM CST, jonte1 wrote:

Why is the forum using the clock -7 GMT `It is a UK company now on days.

When did openSUSE become a Company? You mean our forum Sponsors?

The forum software/servers are located in Provo, Utah so they abide by
the forum Sponsors time system…

You can go to Settings -> General Settings and in the
Date & Time Options, configure for your locale.

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Maybe I’m cynic, no not maybe, I am, but whenever I see scams like that I feel a little extra confident.

No thinking of sponsors. I’m pleased to have working in gmt-time +/- the latest 30 years. From the north to South Africa more or less in the same time zone.

From today and I was thinking of write about it’s that is still actually dayligt at 16.15 in the afternoon. In 4 mounts it’s more or less light 22 hours a day here.

About coding?

About timezone of the forum? My personal comment. It is hard to explain for outside US forces and a-hours clock of 24.