Still possible to load custom DSDT?

I am aware that support for loading a custom DSDT file has generally been dropped since kernel 2.6.31 and I have a netbook that requires the use of a fixed DSDT file. I have heard that SUSE is the only distro working on applying the DSDT loading patch to their kernels.

I currently use ubuntu on my netbook and have been compiling my own kernels in order to use a custom DSDT file. It’s a pain to compile each kernel release on a slow netbook, so my quick question is: can I load a custom DSDT file with the latest stock SUSE kernel? If this is the case, I’ll give it a shot.

Shameless bump…

I still can’t find any information on the patch.

scarletwahoo wrote:
> Shameless bump…


seems your subject line is not attracting anyone who can help…i
think that is because most (not all) of the folks here are operating
below the technical level you need to access…

that is, i think you probably need to see what is already in these
fora, do that here and you may find you answer (or may not):

if that is no help, i think you will find a faster answer, not by
bumping this dry hole, but rather join a mail list or IRC…which is
where the developers hang out, see how at

good luck…AND, when you get your needs sorted out (and switch to
openSUSE) come back here and help others with their laptop woes…

speaking of which, you may have had better response if you had posted
the first time in this sub-forum,

i do hope you find a way to leave BrownLand and land safely in Green!