Still no 14.9 FGLRX AMD driver?

Hi, is this repo still ok or are we using something else? It’s been over a week and no update for the AMD driver. Not to mention the speed of AMD releases, we are looking here for half a year - latest driver is since april/may? I am still hoping this one will “unleash” my R9 290.

And please don’t trick me into installing directly their proprietary driver. I’d rather chew on my leg :slight_smile:

Yes, this repo is still ok.
The driver just hasn’t been updated yet, I don’t know why though.

But, Sebastian Siebert’s makerpm-amd script on which the “official” driver packages in the repo base, has been updated already.
So you might want to use that manually to download the 14.9 driver, create RPMs and install them: