Still KDE 3? If yes then why?

I found myself trying every DE available in openSUSE 11.1
I gave a try KDE 4 (was always Gnome user), only because of Amarok 2, then i found out that Amarok 2 lacks so many features that the 1.4 version has that i decided to go back to KDE 3. Another reason is that i don’t like having installed too many packages (like when i had Gnome and many KDE 3 packages due to amarok, k3b,kaffeine etc.). What i found is that KDE 3 when compared to KDE 4 is blazingly FAST!! And i don’t mean “just fast”, it flies like hell!! And most apps I use are KDE 3 so i’m pretty happy right now:)

What’s Your story:)??

I’m still on KDE3 in 11.0. I find it faster then KDE 3 and I like my desktop to much. Can’t really get used to the whole plasma idea. Altho, apparently in 11.1 you can make your desktop act like a folder so this should give me my desktop back. But I think I will wait untill KDE 4.2 is out and stable before I make the switch.

I was also thinking about that but i won’t do it until:
#1 every KDE 4 app will have the same feature as the same KDE 3 app
#2 when amarok 2 will get proper iPOD support :slight_smile:
#3 when KDE 4 will be as fast as KDE 3 right now:)
#4 when i’ll be able to copy something from Desktop (from folder view) without the need to open Konqueror or Dolphin first (silly thing but true).
#5 Compiz perfomance in KDE 4 is horrible (one solution is to use kwin which is a lot faster than Compiz on KDE).
#6 I’ll switch in 11.2, there will be KDE 4.3 until then they should work out every bad thing :slight_smile:

I have just done the 11.1 install and in one respect I am very pleased with the result in that the wireless light on my thinkpad is now working (woohoo). I also went for the option of KDE 4.1.3. I have spent the better part of a day and a half playing around with it and have now gone back to 3.5. The reason? While I know that any comments are going to result in a flame war I wish to make it plain that these are my thoughts and impressions, others will have theirs and they are entitled to them.

  1. KDE 4 is a piece of junk.
  2. Whilst I appreciate that it is early days and there is still more to come, if the more to come is more of the plasma/plasmoid rubbish then Ill pass thanks.
  3. The whole thing is too fluffy, it is not functional and too clever by half. I finally worked out how to put an application onto a panel - not the bottom panel which is what it defaults to when add to panel is picked, but a new different panel, which K4 seems to ignore in the application placing stakes. That though is a small thing, new system, new way of doing things, fair enough I accept that. But, what i really would have liked is an option to empty the trash bin but that does not actually seem to exist, unless it is hidden somewhere apart from - trash, right click, empty trash. Wow, that would be hard.
  4. MS Vista is a totally rubbish system. A lot of techie types I know have told me so, and this has caused people to bail out of it and reload XP as fast as they could get hold of a copy. Hence, MS, knowing that they have delivered a total dog are rushing through with its replacement as fast as they can. Much the same as when they birthed the piece of junk previously know as the Millennium edition. But I digress, K4 is as rubbish as the Vista it is trying too emulate.
  5. If, as we have been told, K3 has reached the end of its useful life and pushing it further was too problematic then I acknowledge that, but K4 should have built on the functionality and form of K3, in the same way as K1 led to K2 etc. Surely that could have been done, a good product written from scratch; a bigger, better, newer version of what was essentially a well loved and used system.
  6. I fire up the computer to use programmes, surf, listen whatever. Kde is not the reason I use the computer, it is merely a conduit for me to get easily from the computer to whatever it is I want to do.
  7. As said earlier, I appreciate that there is a way to go yet before K4 is as fully functional and stable as K3. That is not my point, I think the whole direction that K4 has taken, and will presumably continue to take is, if it continues down the plasma path, completly and utterly misdirected.
  8. I do not like it, and I will not like it even in a super stable 4.5 either, for the above reasons
    9 Thank you though to whoever fixed the very annoying kernel wireless light bug, and to the Opensuse developers for their efforts.

Flame on.

I still use KDE3, because:

KDE4 == Vista

I’m unable to work properly in Vista as well in KDE4

why not run amarok 1.4 under kde4 i use to do it all the time
but now im running 4.2 very stable and functional for everyday use

I still prefer KDE 3. I have my KDE set up the way I like it, and I haven’t been able to get KDE 4 set up the same way. Until then, I’ll use KDE 3.


I like having my “taskbars” set up like this.

busy desktop but the pic is kinda small can’t tell much from it

Originally, I was not concerned about size. The main thing I am concerned about is getting my taskbars in KDE 4 the way I want them. [img=]

Try this.

the reason why i said that cause i couldn’t tell how your taskbars were in that small screen shot
that new one is better
Question: is that a terminal in the bottom taskbar on the right?

there is no doubt kde-3.5 is faster than any kde4 which consumes much more resources of the pc.

i am not able to install kde3 in this new install of suse-11.1.
the download of files takes for 9hours or so.
the server is hardly connecting.:frowning:

otherwise the addition of kde4.2 panel in 4.1 is nice and it works real stable.
updates are real pain because of very sloooooow response from server.

That’s my menu of shells.

Hi, try a mirror: openSUSE Download Mirrors - 11.1

And what are you lacking? I usually don’t customize too much my desktop, so I don’t know, perhaps there is some specific applet/plasmoid not available for KDE4… but at least the position/size of the taskbars can be set that way also in KDE4.

Then I haven’t figured it out yet.