Still can't unlock screenlock with password

I reported this issue earlier about it wont unlock desktop-screen with password and i had til enter console CTRL-ALT+F2 and unlock it with:

sudo loginctl unlock-sessions

Then it became a little better so i almost didn’t have to enter password more than 2 or 3 times before it unlock.

Now it again start to be difficult. When desktop is unused, it locks the desktop. Then when i try to unlock it by enter the password, it keep asking me for password and after the 4 attempt, it lock it completely and then i have to CTRL-ALT+F2, login til console and then execute

sudo loginctl unlock-sessions

to unlock.

No i don’t enter password wrong and i don’t get any error about wrong password. The password is entered exactly as it should.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed 20170406
KDE Plasma: 5.8.90
KDE Framework: 5.30.0
Qt: 5.7.1
Kernel: 4.10.8-1.default
OS-type: 64bits