still can not remotely connect to my opensuse 13.2 using vncviewer

I am still waiting for an answer to my previous post, I always like opensuse but it seems that now things gave change a lot in regards support it seems a bit harder to get help I understand people are busy. I used to be able to figure it out myself but opensuse has evolved but i feel it has been a bit harder for the regular user. hopefully I can get a solution to my issue. otherwise is time to try another distro.
Thank you very much for your help and understanding for my frustrations.

Double posting will not help. Specialy not if you do not provide a link to the original thread and let people guess.

You could however post in the original thread.
That you did not get any answer may because people still on vacation, etc. It is only about 36 hourse ago that you started it. People have sleeping time, go to work, etc. It is quite possible that only a few have the knowledge you require. And these few have to find free time.

In the mean time, when you decide to post in the original thread to bump it up, you could add information. I am am not a VNC user, thus I feel not entitled to make much comments, but I do not see much info in your post. A lot of telling, but no computer evidence going with it. Nothing about the system where you try to connect from. No example where you try to connect and where it fails, no error messages, nothing.

This thread is CLOSED and will be removed.