Still Another Forum Layout Change(SAFLC)?


You’ll notice some forum layout changes starting today with some “tweaking” in the next week or so. This is in preparation for our move to vBulletin 4.x which will be coming soon with new forum templates. Please excuse the inconvenience of change

I had just gotten the hang of the prior one.
Since variety is the spice of life, this forum like Linux is getting tastier all the time!
This is not a complaint, I not only excuse, but look forward to the these changes.
Now, while on the subject of changes may I please make one request?
It’s not a lot but please whatever you guys decide please don’t go with a black background & white text, or red background with any color text.

We are testing the vermilion background right now (with an option for white on white).

Indeed, I think more changes are coming, where the views of many are being considered and hopefully addressed.

ahh … well … does that mean my pink/purple poke-dot template (with the orange strips and microdot fonts) is not wanted ? :’( … rotfl!

Oldcpu that one’s perfect!rotfl!
Swerdna when do we get this color?

from the daze of tini weni yellow pokadot bikini, what about a pink background with the desktop visible thru the yellow pokadots