still a newbie

Hi everyone, I’m still a newbie with Linux OS and I have been using Suse for about 1.5 years now. My first version I used was 10.3 and it as a disaster for me. I did get really good at installing the os though and learnt a lot by trial and error. I have been updating versions all along and have just installed 11.2 with the KDE version and I think this is an awesome OS. I now have 2 of my puters on Suse, and My laptop I change back and forth.
As I am a migrant from windows it is important to me to have a system GUI that will work from the start because I am on the beginning of a long learning curve here. I have never been good with the terminal, but I am trying to learn in my spare time. Its not as scary as it looks…lol. I have even installed a couple of suses on friends spare computers so that they could see what they are missing out on. For the most part they were quite impressed as well, will they change over? I’m not sure just yet.
I guess my point here is that a lot of people are like me, they are fed up with windows, but are afraid to make the change to another OS, because they just don’t know what else is out there. Suse has made that change very easy for me and I have always been able to find help or the instructions I need to get me through my problems through sites like this. Now that I understand what open source is, and how it works, I thank all of you for helping me to make the change. I can see that this is only possible through your dedication and hard work, (and possibly your hate for windows lol). I hope that I can learn enough to contribute something to open source one day as well. As I learn more every evening, I am hoping to eventually be confident enough to delete my last windows hold out puter and never have to run a virus/spyware scan again. Thank-you all for giving others the freedom to change, and have another choice.
Ty, Chris

Good one Chris. Welcome to the Forum;)


For me, I don’t hate Windows. I make my living keeping Windows Servers and PCs running, so it’s my bread and butter.:wink: I just prefer to run Linux on my PCs at home.

Welcome. It’s good to see someone who sticks during the difficulties that newbies have, I did, you did, now we only need about 100-200 million more workstation users like us to be a force large enough to have the support ear of the big manufacturers.

hey guys im new to linux opensuse i would like to know how to install a bin file that i downloaded how do i begin the installation thanks

Hey LinuxKde09 this is double posting a forum no-no please, we like our members so don’t do this again.
And LinuxKde09, welcome to OpenSuSe & its forum.
shockman, you too! and don’t worry you’ll get better alot of us in here started off like you.

To me, this thread reminds me that we are all newbies at some point in time and for everything. For example, I am a newbie at programming. There are also a lot of things about openSUSE I don’t yet know, cause I have never needed to mess with them.