sticky proposal: how to disable flash / prevent its installation

Last time I tried openSUSE it enabled by default the Adobe repo for the installation of Flash.
I’m to reinstall openSUSE again (tumbleweed) after a while I haven’t been using it and since I’m a bit concern about ““incidentally”” install Flash (or being given an easy path to do it) I’d like to know how to disable it or… more important I’m thinking should these instruction be made as a sticky spot for everyone to be give the choice not to have flash in its system. Don’t wanna start a flame sorry, I know that this distro wanna make things easier for the average user… but very the average user will accept Flash as deprecated or too dangerous.

Many thanks

PS: I’m a linux newbie so I can’t do it my self :slight_smile:

Do you mean the “non-oss” repo? I have never had it enable a specifically adobe repo.

During install from the DVD, you can go into software selection, and unselect “pullin-flash-player” (or similar name). Then, after the install is complete, you can use Yast software manager to blacklist flash (mark as “never install”).

Thanks a lot!