Steps towards a near-audiophile, bit-perfect Linux audio setup

Hi folks, since forums are about sharing, I should like to post a link to a thread on the Linux Mint Forum. That thread covers many aspects of how to set up Linux Mint AND openSUSE Tumbleweed for what I call “near-audiophile, bit-perfect” audio output to an external USB-DAC (or, by the same token, to any suitable internal sound card). My external USB-DAC is an Audioquest Dragonfly Red. I am using two slim audio players (Audacious, DeaDBeeF) as well as two full-scale music management and replay apps (gmusicbrowser, QuodLibet).

Here’s the link:

Any feedback of yours is gratefully acknowledged in advance.

If you like the look of Amarok 1.4 and Clementine, but want an updated player with more advanced settings for audio output and alsa, you can check out my fork of Clementine called Strawberry.
It’s aimed at audio enthusiasts and users who play local music files. It has support for multiple backends (gstreamer, xine and VLC), with advanced audio device options, like setting a custom alsa device string.