Step 3: Setting up disk. Help, please

Hello, friends:

Installing the 11.1 Live CD to hdd is a lot warmer/fuzzier experience than was SuSE 7.1- my last SuSE before wandering off in 2000, muttering to myself ;).

As a “rehearsal” I let the process install on an empty (120 gB) hdd, and it completed perfectly.
Now I’d like some help, please, fitting a new installation onto a disk with sidux already installed … like so:
sda1: fat32, primary for future Win2k
sda5: logical,reiser, sidux /
sda6: logical,swap
sda7: logical,reiser, sidux /home
sda8: logical,reiser for SuSE /
free space

SVP: how do I install SuSE to sda8, using the existing /home & swap?


Firstly you want to use ext3 not reiser

Your partition info does not make a great deal of sense, since logical partitions exist with an extended partition.

Create an extended Partition and within that

you can share swap

/ = 20GB
/home = as large as possible

Thank you, caf4926.

Someone else ?

1.Perhaps caf4926 means “SuSE doesn’t ‘do’ reiser”?

2.Same question as before,same partitioning, except Win2k is installed on (P-ATA) hda1. Sidux has grub in mbr.
Does the SuSE installer have the flexibility to install / to hda8, adopting the existing sidux /home and swap?
This is just some tire-kicking on other distros- I’m happy as a clam with sidux- so if this doesn’t work (easily), it’s no biggie.

During install use custom Partitioning

Set mount points for all your partitions including sda7 for /home (but do not format)
Set sda8 for root / format as reiser if you wish

When you get to the install summary, click on Booting to make sure grub is installed to ‘Boot from Root Partition’ only.

Then install

You will have to edit your current Sidux grub to add a option in menu.lst to boot Suse

It’s also worth noting, as I understand it, that sharing a home partition is ok, but if you share usernames as well you will potentially run into collisions between programs’ settings.