Steel Storm

New ish game for Linux. It has been about for a month or so now. It is an absolutely cracking top down roaming shoot em up. Its not a scrolling shooter like chromium, its more like the old Desert Strike games in the Amiga days (remember them?) just futuristic. Episode 1 (which IS a stand alone game) is free to download and play offline and online. Most importantly, it has a native Linux client!

Ill try to get a Suse install guide up this week but in the mean time, some pretty pictures!

Steel Storm, an indie top-down arcade shooter. SP, DM and COOP! Linux, Mac and Win platforms.

Wow, I will give it a try!!

Looks good - downloading now

Just started playing - So far I am horrible at the game - Just keep on getting killed :frowning:

Hi guys,

I am one of the creators of the game. Thank you for expressing your interest and playing it! I hope you are having fun :slight_smile:

Hi motorsep,
Yes the game is really great fun. Thank you so much for it :slight_smile:

I am wondering if there is anything like Ubuntu Software Center on openSUSE ?
We would like to have Episode I and Episode II there.

That would allow SUSE users play Episode I without the need of downloading it from our website and if they like it, they would buy it straight from app store (similar to Steam or Software Center in Ubuntu).

Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that at the moment. There are some threads about this, however, mostly in the soapbox area :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards,

FYI, I think the Ubuntu Software Center is being ported to openSUSE, or openSUSE compatibility with it is being worked on.

You think, or is it a fact?

I just found this gem and tested it. Worked perfectly in 1920x1200.

Bought the game only $4.99.

Along with World of Goo, this is the best I’ve ever played on linux.
More of this, and I do not need the windows7 partition.

Glad you like the game, if you can spread the word among SUSE users, we would appreciate it.

Michael Lubker
Biz Dev and Community Manager @ Kot in Action