STEAM, Wine wechat , KDE-connect stopped connecting after update

steam I could solve, by rebooting into ubuntu, where it was rebuilding keys then gain to tumbleweed and again rebuilding keys and could connect again. KDE-Connect cannot connect any more. Wine Wechat also no connection possible, reboot to Ubuntu and it works, reboot tumbleweed no change. Looking at Steam rebuilding, updatating keys fix, is there something similiar for wine and kde-connect?

So steam solved by relogin into Ubuntu, where it automatically rebuilt keys, then relogin into Opensuse and another key rebuilt.

KDE-Connect solved by deleting the KDE-Connect configuration folder, killing the process and restart.

Wine WeChat not yet.
I tried to purge wine, but when I reinstall nächsten , it still shows the old configuration.
Is wine writing configuration to another place?