Steam games not working

Tell me, is it just me such a problem?
Steam is an error library libgcrypt:

libgcrypt selftest: binary  (0): No such file or directory
Ohhhh jeeee: ... this is a bug (global.c:137:global_init)

I found an issue, but don’t think, that rigth way.
Any ideas?

I haven’t had any issues. Are you using the steam runtime? Did you try steamtricks?

I have the same problem.

So far I found that it’s caused by libgcrypt library. In get_library_path function in fips.c it calls dlsym, which returns NULL.

I can’t create a minimal c source that would reproduce this though.

Some more info:

It does not affect all games. For me “Borderlands 2” and “Slime Rancher” are broken, but “TeeWorlds” runs fine.

I’ve found a somehow working workaround: In game’s settings set launch options to

env LD_PRELOAD="" %command%

This will disable the steam overlay, but will make a game work.

Thanks for this info. I was having the same symptoms and this worked for me as well.

Here’s the error I was getting:

libgcrypt selftest: binary  (0): No such file or directory
Ohhhh jeeee: ... this is a bug (global.c:137:global_init)
/hdd_2tb/hdd_xtra/Steam/SteamApps/common/InvisibleInc/ line 5:  3857 Illegal instruction     (core dumped) ./InvisibleInc
Game removed: AppID 243970 "Invisible, Inc.", ProcID 3857

This works for me as well. Thanks! My questions: my son has a million launch options for one of his games (cs:go). How do I use the above preload along with his existing launch options?

env just starts a program in with a modified environment so maybe just add to the environmental variables perhaps in ~/.profile just add export LD_PRELOAD=""

I’ve created a bug report: 1044807 – Some games from steam won't run because of libgcrypt

This won’t work, because this variable is set by steam for games it launches.

Way out of the Linux game, took a 3 year vacation with no PC, basically. But I’ve been getting back in to it and can confirm I’ve experienced this as well. I’m rusty, and barely know what I’m doing anymore, but I’m going to post a reddit thread I made about this in the hopes it might help anyone tracking this.

Basically, all of my steam games stopped launching a day or two ago. The launch options I found here helped, Rocket League (which is how I became aware) is still up in the air, but I have a suspicion that in my effort to clean junk repositories I had added, I lost a non-opensuse package of libgcrypt that I had incedentally installed previously for the sake of some weird spotify installation method. I’m going to try installing that repo and libgcrypt again now to see if I still need the launch options.

Forgive the bump, and forgive the nonsensical ramblings from someone whose been a linux user for 10+ years, but is still very much a tinkerer without the deeper understanding you may want and expect. lol!

Mods, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, rules may be lost on me, feel free to delete if this is problematic.

You probably already saw this but there is workaround on different forum thread - link

Launch steam client with the following command:


This helped me with most of the games.

Anyway there is also opened issue on the steam-for-linux github page.