Steam Controller Issues

Good day, folks.
I write now because I have recently acquired a Steam Controller from Valve. It works perfectly and without issue when steam is running. It can be configured well, and has few to no bugs. I love it.
The issue is, when steam is not running, it behaves poorly. It will not connect over the wireless dongle it came with, and when I plug it in with a Micro USB type-b cable, it will briefly function, though not configurable, then enter a boot loop where it restarts every ten seconds or so. I have tried the sc-controller package, and it couldn’t detect the controller and made no difference to the boot loop.

I understand it’s not likely that many of you have used this controller, and it won’t be a disaster if I have to stick to using it with Steam games, but I’ll appreciate any help you can provide, even if it’s general HID debugging advice.

Thanks so much,

–Henry Wilson

I have thought about acquiring one of these devices. My son is currently enjoying playing wrecked. If I understood you correctly, the steam controller goes AWOL when a steam server is not found? Anyway, as this is a steam controller issue you might be best advised to post your query in the steam community discussions facility instead.

I really recommend the steam controller. Aside from this issue when steam is not running, it is a lovely little thing. One of the coolest features I’ve found so far is analogue emulation, where the controller can pulse-width modulate a control, or two controls together. Assigning these to the axes of the touch pads has made it easier for my father to dock his ships in Kerbal Space Program. As long as steam is running, I’ve found it’s a plug-and-play experience. Go for it.

Also, I suppose I should see what people in the steam community think. It hadn’t crossed my mind to check there, thanks for the suggestion.
Take care.